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Kinderhook Sportsmens Club

Storm Hits KSC

Posted OnAugust 24, 2017 03:59



The storm that hit Columbia County Wednesday evening (9 June) took it’s toll on Ghent. Fowler Lake Road and the Club were hit hard. Fortunately there appears to be no damage to any of the buildings, but we have a lot of trees down. As of Sunday the power is back on. In this case, you should think what’s the brightest flashlight you can get, it’s very important.

Sunday morning Terry Toomey, Cliff Bauhoff, Brud Snyder, Tom June, Hugh Baillargeon, Karlis Medins and I showed up. Terry had already made a huge dent in the clearing of the roadways on Friday. The Pistol Range is nearly clear and the road to the club and trap house is clear. A great deal of work remains.

Evidenced by the photos below you can see we lost a lot of trees and they must be cleared. We will be calling upon you as members to help. At the next meeting (July 7th) we will set a major work party date which will be posted here on the site and on the board at the gate.

Although many of the downed trees are pines, there will be a point when will open the grounds for members to cut and remove some of the fallen wood for firewood. That time is not now.For the present, it is imperative we NOT allow the cutting of any trees on the property, except in a work party situation. If you have any questions on this matter please contact me or any of the other officers or board members. Your co-operation in this matter and your assistance at future work party’s is most appreciated.

A tip of the ol’ John B. Stetson goes out to those men who showed up today, “Thanks, for a job well done.”

Dan Region

Roads Cleared




Yet to come down


The Crew